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".. A fresh take on the classic punk sound."

"Although it has the fresh feel of a diverse playlist,
Start Sinning is surprisingly cohesive."

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"We love Philly, and we love John & Brittany."

"In 2012 John & Brittany received over $10,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new record, “Start Sinning.” Unlike their EP, this record had a focus before it was written."

"..vicious lyrical streak, a garish set of pipes.. keen sense of punk-soul melody and guitar heroics." (pg. 27)

"They met in 2008, bonded over their love of The Beatles and The Ramones, and began writing.. smart, crisp power pop and rock songs."

"Faye takes the vocal duties here and Rotondo lends expert songwriting and guitar support. Faye’s years of powerpop experience shine through on each one of these infectious tracks."