Start Sinning

John & Brittany

This unique boy/girl songwriting team from Philly has served up an unapologetic rock n roll thrill ride - a hooky blend of late 70's punk and timeless melodicism, and a welcome bitch slap to the glut of faux folk music clogging the airwaves.

John & Brittany are a songwriting duo hailing from Philadelphia, PA, comprised of guitarists John Faye and Brittany Rotondo. Faye, the frontman of IKE, one of the city's best-known rock bands, met Rotondo in late December of 2008. The two struck up an immediate musical kinship, with a mutual love of the Beatles and the Ramones, and within a couple months the pair were writing songs together, one of which ("Last Act") would end up on IKE's 2010 release Tie The Knot With All That You Got. Never having performed live or seriously played an instrument before, Rotondo received her first guitar in June of 2009 and by December was performing "Last Act" onstage with IKE at their sold out album release show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. 

Over the course of the following year, Faye and Rotondo hit their creative stride with a string of memorable, quirky songs, snapshots of damaged nicotine addicts ("Cigarillo"), angry middle managers ("Queen of Mean"), and close encounters with whiskey-swilling devils ("Devil's Allure"). Anchored by Rotondo's simultaneously blunt and poetic lyricism and elevated by Faye's knack for creating unforgettable melodies, John & Brittany's music is a true partnership of youth and experience, order and chaos, escape and reality. In addition to their duo performances, John & Brittany also work with a full band, featuring Jay Miraglia on drums and Mike Vivas on bass. In July of 2011, John & Brittany released their self-titled debut EP, the first official release on IT KEEPS EVOLVING! Since the release of the EP, J&B have shared stages with such artists as Everclear, Matthew Sweet, The Smithereens, and Jeffrey Gaines.

Now, in 2012, after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign and raising over $11,000 towards their debut full length, John & Brittany have honed in on a balls-out rock sound that permeates the 10-song / 32-minute "Start Sinning." With strange tales, drawn from their "can't make this shit up" experiences on the road and in Philadelphia's music scene, the album shows a darker, deeper side to the duo's Beatles/Stones dynamic, without sacrificing a ounce of fun.

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