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It is with heavy but optimistic hearts that we announce that our October 17 release concert for "Stories To Be Told" will be our final show as John & Brittany. We are both in agreement that our artistic partnership has run its course. What started almost 5 years ago as just a fun way for two best friends to spend some time together, took us on a journey that neither one of us could've ever imagined. We shared some truly incredible experiences and had the honor of receiving the support of so many kind and generous people. For that, both of us will be forever grateful. From the first few songs we ever wrote together in Brittany's basement or at Philly Sound Studios, to the songs that comprise the new EP, which we are both incredibly proud of, we always tried our best to write from the heart and shoot from the hip. We have had the great fortune of receiving exposure and notoriety that very few independent bands ever attain, and we are so appreciative of this. We know we had something special. But we also know each other probably better than any two people can, and we both know now that things are not the same as they once were, for either of us. And sometimes when you're in a band with your best friend, you have to let the band go in order to stay best friends. We know that the timing is not great, but there is no perfect time to break up a thing that was your baby and your passion. We would rather go out on a high note, with our songs on the radio, and celebrating what we've achieved over the past five years with our hometown Philly friends, many of whom have been with us from the beginning. There are way too many people to thank individually right now, but you all know who you are. To quote Brittany's words from "Story To Be Told": May the stars light your way.. May your love never end.. May you know forever more I will always be your friend. #MeetMeDownTheRoad
Much love,
John & Brittany